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Ground zero for fevered dreams, tall tales scribbled on the backs of crumpled cocktail napkins and other ridiculous adventures from Portland-based fantasy and science-fiction author Jeff Monday. 

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Kuu Infinite
The third book of the War of the Three Realms

War has come to the Realms. The Eorl, possessed by the avatar of the sun, moves his forces into the rainy Realm of Aros, seeking to bring the light to all, whether they want it or not. In response, the Folix, leader of the dark Realm of Sorscuro, uses hit-and-run tactics while they bring their own army out of the shadows.

The only hope is for Shams, Finn, and the others to find three Artifacts, a quest that leads them deep into the strange Realm of Sorscuro, filled with fiery Eeps and frozen wastelands.

It's a race against time as mortals, gods, and creatures somewhere in between vie for control of the Realms.

It was really good. I would say that anyway, but this time I mean it!

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