Ground zero for fevered dreams, tall tales scribbled on the backs of crumpled cocktail napkins and other ridiculous adventures from Portland-based fantasy and science-fiction author Jeff Monday. 

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Would you like to know?

Would you like to know the answer to any question?


Ask away.

One question only, though.

So what would your question be?

But be warned...the price for such knowledge is steep. The answer to any question you have.

And all it will cost you is your face.

Your mouth. Your nose. Your ears and your eyes.

You will still live. But I will take your face.

So what is important enough to you that you would give up so much? What question is worth the price?


Anto did not have an easy life. He was ignored and beaten as a child. When he turns sixteen, he runs away from home and wanders the countryside, almost dying along the way. But eventually, he finds a new life with glimmers of hope and love. But to hold on to that love, Anto will have to confront his worst nightmare.

It was really good. I would say that anyway, but this time I mean it!

My Mom


Meow. Meow. Purrrrrrrrr.

The neighbor's cat


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