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Ground zero for fevered dreams, tall tales scribbled on the backs of crumpled cocktail napkins and other ridiculous adventures from Portland-based fantasy and science-fiction author Jeff Monday. 

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Tekum Eternal
The first book of the War of the Three Realms

On the tidally-locked world of Velt, one half of the planet is bathed in eternal sun while the other half is forever in darkness. Between them, a buffer Realm keeps the peace between the sunlit Realm of Ilume and the dark Realm of Sorscuro. But peace doesn't come easy and this fragile balance is upset when the twin sons of one of the leaders of Ilume are ambushed and one of them is kidnapped. Now, a desperate hunt begins to find the boy and return him safely before the tensions between the Realms turns violent.

And as the Realms vie for power, a group of youngsters begin a quest that could unleash an ancient evil that could destroy everyone.

So begins an epic adventure filled with terrifying creatures, magic, intrigue and more!

It was really good. I would say that anyway, but this time I mean it!

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