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A ghost story about tunnels under the city. An adventure across dimensions. A demon stalking the wintry countryside of Wisconsin. An orchestra made out of clocks.  

These are just a few of magical, horrifying and incredible stories from the mind of Jeff Monday.

Aros Fathomless

The second book of the War of the Three Realms

The power-hungry Eorl, of the bright Realm of Ilume, has brought the world to the brink of war. Now, while the leaders of the three Realms argue, a small group of friends descend into the bottomless Ravine in a desperate attempt to stop the war before it consumes everyone.

But the forces lined up against them grow. Immortal spirits. Demons. Madmen and murderers. Even Fleep wonders if they will succeed or if the Realms will fall into chaos.

Tekum cover.jpg

Tekum Eternal

The first book of the War of the Three Realms

A boy is kidnapped. A soldier is killed. A quest begins. Small events lead to big ones. A war is brewing between the eternally sunlit Realm of Ilume and the perpetually dark Realm of Sorscuro. In between, the neutral Realm of Aros struggles to maintain the peace. When the son of a leader of Ilume is kidnapped, tensions ratchet even higher. Soon, all three Realms are embroiled in a quagmire of misunderstanding and old hatreds. But even as they bicker and inch closer to war, an ancient evil awakens that could destroy them all.

Story King cover.jpg

The Story King Chronicles

The Collected Edition

The complete adventure in one volume!
Come along on a fantastic journey from the very edge of reality to the center of everything as Jom, with the help of his friends, desperately tries to master his growing powers and stem the rising tide of darkness that threatens to engulf all of reality.

Faceless cover.jpeg


Would you like to know?
Would you like to know the answer to any question? Anything. Ask away. One question only, though. So what would your question be?
But be warned...the price for such knowledge is steep. The answer to any question you have.
And all it will cost you is your face.Your mouth. Your nose. Your ears and your eyes.You will still live. But I will take your face.
So what is important enough to you that you would give up so much? What question is worth the price?
Anto did not have an easy life. He was ignored and beaten as a child. When he turns sixteen, he runs away from home and wanders the countryside, almost dying along the way. But eventually, he finds a new life with glimmers of hope and love. But to hold on to that love, Anto will have to confront his worst nightmare.


A Conspiracy of Sins


City of Wonders. And danger.

While enjoying the first day of clear skies in months, Comma witnesses a murder mere blocks from her home. Hours later, her brother has been kidnapped and she's on the run, kept safe by a large sentient pile of rocks. By the end of the day, she will be caught up in a vast conspiracy involving every part of the city, from the haughty castle of the High Minister to the docks of Quayside.

Racing against time, they scour the city in a desperate attempt to gather the handful of people and creatures together who might stop evil from possessing them all.

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The Born and the Made

Sometime soon, we will live side-by-side with our creators. We look like them, talk like them, even laugh and cry like they do. They made us in their image. But we are not the same. Some of us are proud to be different. Some of us wish only to blend in, to disappear into the crowd. To not be ridiculed or harassed or attacked simply because of who we are. Now, we don’t have a choice. Anyone can see our true nature, whether we wish it or not. Now, we have to forge our own identity. To stand proud. To say loud and strong “We are not BORN. We are MADE.”

Jom by Jeff Monday
The Story King Chronicles: Book One
Jom was just a lonely boy living in a dusty village on a small planet. But he listened to the stories his Grandmother told around the fire at night and dreamt of being part of something bigger.
Then, one day, he was taken by a clock-work boy and a Water Banshee to a mad historian who told him he was to become the next Technomage, one of the all-powerful rulers of the universe.
Only by listening to his dreams and remembering the lessons of the stories he had been told will keep Jom alive long enough to fulfill his destiny.
Jom the Light Wielder by Jeff Monday

Jom the Light Wielder

The Story King Chronicles: Book Two

Thrown into a vast new world, young Jom struggles to gain control over his new powers. Long gone are the days of running from bullies in his small village. Now, he finds himself fighting crazed assassins and power-hungry despots in a quest to become a Technomage, one of the all-powerful rulers of the universe.


With a small group of friends at his side, Jom delves deeper into the mysteries of the cosmos in an attempt to use his powers for good. Unfortunately, he soon finds himself in conflict with the primal darkness born at the center of the universe. Only by defeating the darkness will he find a way back into the light.

Jom the War Bringer by Jeff Monday

Jom the War Bringer

The Story King Chronicles: Book Three

It all started with Madness.

Long gone are the quiet days of yearning in his small, dusty village. Now Jom, under the direction of the Mad Historian, travels the universe in an attempt to stem the rising tide of darkness that threatens to overwhelm all. He has accumulated great power but has paid dearly: his fierce friend has fallen in battle with the shadows and a a host of entities fight for dominance within his mind.

Unwilling to suffer at the whims of his enemies any longer, Jom decides to take control of both his power and his fate. But the shadows will not surrender easily. Before he can end their threat once and for all, Jom will have to push himself and his friends into a struggle that will consume the entire cosmos.

It will end with war.

The Devil's Footprints byJeff Monday
The Devil's Footprints
And Other Strange Tales
An evil presence walks through the snowy countryside, awakened by two brothers. A ghost haunts a lonely stretch of highway along the Oregon coast. A man watches over the graves of plague victims, hoping they are actually dead.
Filled with bizarre, horrifying and surreal stories, this collection includes experimental flash fiction as well as more traditionally structured stories.
Oh, and be good or the Bodach will visit you!
Out of Print
Through the Broken Prism by Jeff Monday
The Tunnels Under the Roses


Once known as the "Most Dangerous City in America", Portland, Oregon holds a dark secret beneath its streets: The Shanghai Tunnels. These tunnels once housed opium dens, white slavers and kidnappers. Now, they are haunted by the spirits of those that had died in the darkness.


Three friends find themselves trapped in the tunnels, running from the ruthless ghosts that refuse to go quietly into the night.

Out o Print
Through the Broken Prism:
A Collection of Stories
What if you were granted three wishes by a genie in a magic liquor bottle? What if you couldn't get sick? What if you found yourself hanging off a cliff 500 feet up?
This collection of short stories try to answer these questions and more. Here you will find a lovers' spat gone wrong, a 60-clock orchestra and a walk in the woods that tells a life's story.
Out of Print
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