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Quit watering dead plants!

So I'm not really the type that leaves notes to myself. At least not at home. At work I have all sorts of notes but that's only because I am responsible for keeping track of a zillion details. And my writing, of course. Lots of random notes there. In journals and notebooks and sticky notes on the desk. But that's only because I have different plot points and characters to keep tabs on.

Ok, ok. Fine, I write notes.

But, I don't really write notes for everyday stuff. No "don't forget milk" or "take the garbage out". I do, however, have a sticky note on a pot on the edge of my desk. There's no plant in the pot, at least, no live plant. On the other side of my desk IS a pot with living plants (Erbert and Gerbert). Well anyway, I was in the habit of, when I watered Erbs and Gerbs, I would also water the soil in the other pot.

I guess I did it because I was holding out hope that the plants in there would rebound. Like maybe they were gathering their energy to burst through the soil in a wonderous explosion of greenery. They would push through like a drag queen coming on stage and announcing to the world "I'm here!"

Alas, that has not happened.

And it's been, like, over a year now.

So I wrote myself a note and stuck it on the side of the pot and now, as I'm sitting here looking at the note, I realize that is one of the best pieces of life advice I've ever given myself.

Quit watering dead plants.

Hanging on to that job because you're hoping you might finally get that promotion even though you've been passed over five times already? Quit watering dead plants.

Texting that guy again even though the last three 'conversations' consisted of: Hi. Hey. How are you. Good, u? Good.....Quit watering dead plants.

Don't get me wrong. I'm all about hope. It is an essential part of my makeup. I hope for a better world. I hope for peace on earth. I hope the rebels beat the Empire. But I also WORK towards those goals. I try to be active and involved as much as I can (and then hope I do more.)

But there comes a time when, despite your best efforts, there's just no point in putting your energy and love and time into something that will never bloom. And I think, I truly believe, that is one of the hardest lessons we learn in this life. I know I still struggle with it everyday. I never want to give up hope but I realize that sometimes, I just have to.

So excuse me, but I have to water my living plants now.

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