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Sad Stories Say So Much

So, I have to be honest. My mom didn't like my latest book. It was too sad. She wants me to write more children's books, lol.

And I get it. It is a bit sad. But more than that, it was hard, I think, for her to hear about some of the hard times I've been through. As much as parents try to protect their children from strife and suffering, so too do the children try to keep their parents from finding out about the rough times in their lives.

'The Born and the Made' was born during a bar conversation. (As many good stories are) I was talking with some friends about being single and the dating apps we navigate. Someone made the comment that it would be awesome if there would be an app for finding other gay men just by holding your phone up, virtual augmented-style. Like "Poke a man, go!" although I think there may be a lawsuit if that name is used.

And for a moment, we all thought that was a wonderful idea. But then my brain began to see the dark side of such technology. How some would use it to target people for harm instead of harmless flirting. Thus 'The Born and the Made', a story, for want of a better description, of an android coming out.

It took a while for me to write this story because I incorporated a number of events and situations from my own life into the story and wanted to get the nuances just right. It was important for me to convey the feelings of uncertainty, pride, fear and strength I experienced over the years. And my friends as well. My friends who have gone through so much more than I have. Their stories need to be heard.

It was a hard book to write at times because I had to relive some painful times. And then I had to tell them to others. Times where I wasn't at my best. When I made decisions based off fear and times when I made them based off hope. Times when I felt so very alone and times when I felt connected to a larger world in ways I never thought I would.

We all have dark days. We all struggle. And we all have those moments when we are so filled with love we can't believe it. Telling those stories is important. Yes mom--it is a sad story in some ways. But those sad stories are just important to tell as the happy ones. We are who we are because of both the good times and the bad.

So I hope you don't feel like you can't tell those stories. I hope you know there is always someone who will listen to your truth and be there. Just be there and listen. Because you should be heard.

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