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Sneak Peak: A Conspiracy of Sins

My new book is almost here!!

I'm very excited to share this new adventure with everyone. Set in the wondrous city of Heafon, 'A Conspiracy of Sins' follows a young girl as she tries to do the right thing no matter the cost.

Working from the shadows, a group of beings known as the Sins conspire to take over the city, robbing everyone of their free will. Against them stands Comma, a mute girl who just wanted to play tag. She finds allies along the way though, including a sentient pile of rocks, an amphibious boy and an old, golden-skinned inventor. Will they be strong enough to fight back the Sins?

Here's a excerpt from 'A Conspiracy of Sins' just for you!!

Comma ran so fast she felt like she was flying. Her feet barely touched the smooth cobblestones underneath. Her arms were a blur at the edges of her vision. Vision that was distorted by the fat tears that gathered but then were whipped away by the air flowing past. Her mouth was open, but she still couldn't get enough air. A choking laugh struggled to escape through the massive amount of oxygen that was moving in and out of her small lungs. She skidded through a puddle and pivoted, barely rounding a tight corner to her right. This alley was even narrower than the street she had been running down. Tall buildings leaned in, hemming the sky and funneling the wind. She ran past shuttered windows and open doors, past piles of garbage and walls of art. A block ahead, the alley took another turn, this time to the left. She barely heard her brother's footslaps behind her and, taking a chance, ducked into a small market on the corner. She weaved through the few shoppers, narrowly avoided knocking over a display of fruit, slid past the sweeping Mr. Nredo, the shopkeeper, and sprung through the open entrance on the adjoining street. Three doors further down, she rounded another corner.

Directly in front of her, a bright shimmering light hovered a few feet above the ground. Like the reflection of a person through a sunny window. A face with no depth. A body that was only a suggestion. With a gasp, Comma skidded to a halt, falling onto her backside into another puddle in the process. Eyes wide, she scrambled back, out of the way of the moving light. She backed into an open doorway and clamped her hands over her mouth. The light, a creature known as a Sliver, moved away from her, up the alley. A moment later, it disappeared around a corner. Comma stayed in the doorway, her game of tag with her brother forgotten. Slivers were seen all the time, of course. They roamed the city at will. But she had never seen one so close before. They were man-shaped and -sized but were only height and width, no depth. As it moved, it disappeared from view when turned edgewise, only to reappear when it reoriented itself again.

She was about to creep back out of the doorway when movement up the alley stopped her. She peeked out, expecting to see the Sliver returning but instead saw a man stumble into view. He was covered in dirt and blood and walking backward, hands in front of him as if pleading with someone. The man tripped on a loose cobblestone and fell to the ground, hitting hard the stone wall of the building behind him. Suddenly, another figure was standing over the man. Comma's eyes widened and she clamped her hands over her mouth again. The second figure was dressed in a shimmering robe-like cloth But the brilliance of the clothing wasn't what made Comma want to scream. It was the blue skin of the figure. A blue like a late summer day. It was the angular blue features. The long blue limbs. It was a blue hand that held a large dagger.

And when the dagger was plunged into the prone man's chest, Comma couldn't hold in the scream anymore. At the noise the blue-skinned man looked up, his black eyes finding Comma instantly among the shadows. He released his grip on the blade and took off in the opposite direction. Without another breath, Comma was running back up the alley towards the market.

'A Conspiracy of Sins' will be available in both paperback and ebook formats in the next few days. Look for it at!!

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